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Benefits of flu vaccination for persons with diabetes mellitus: A review

People with diabetes face a higher risk for influenza and its complications. National and international guidelines therefore advise that diabetes patients be annually vaccinated against influenza. The evidence that underpins these guidelines has long been fragmented and underexposed. Consequently, attention for the impact of influenza on diabetes patients is low and so is the influenza […]

Latest advances in the FP7 FLUNIVAC project

The FP7 FLUNIVAC project aims to pave the way to the development of a universal influenza vaccine. ESWI is FLUNIVAC’s communication partner and has now prepared a brand new version of the FLUNIVAC newsletter, highlighting the project’s recent advances. The newsletter is available here. Feel free to disseminate the document to anyone you think might […]

Call for Late Breaker Abstracts

The 6th ESWI Influenza Conference will be the premier influenza conference, offering its delegates four days of wall-to-wall science and networking.

From influenza science to influenza policy in seven sessions

Influenza is a serious public health problem. During winter seasons, it spreads easily through schools, hospitals, nursing homes, towns and businesses, while its impact is the highest in those most at risk, such as the elderly, young infants and pregnant women. In order to reduce the impact of seasonal influenza, efficient prevention and treatment strategies should be […]

ESWI symposium at 2017 WONCA Europe Congress in Prague

ESWI has been working with WONCA Europe (the European branch of the world organization of national colleges and academies of general practitioners) since 2009. Both organizations share the objective to improve the management of influenza by general practitioners during seasonal and pandemic outbreaks of flu. This is urgently needed to solve the paradox where primary […]

Message to Young Scientist Travel Grant applicants

15 May 2017 was the deadline for applications to obtain travel funding for the Sixth ESWI Influenza Conference through the Young Scientist Fund. No less than 97 travel grant applications from early career scientists have been submitted and the Evaluation Committee is very pleased to have received so many outstanding entries. The decision process, however, will be challenging and […]

Influenza Preventing Policies for Children: ESWI symposium

Annually occurring influenza remains an important public health problem in Europe. The disease puts considerable pressure on health care services with increased general practice consultation rates, hospital admissions, and excess deaths. It also leads to increased days lost of absence from work and school. Influenza is a vaccine-preventable disease and WHO recommends vaccination of prioritized groups, […]

Influenza programme for public health officials and policy makers

Influenza remains a source of public health concern. Though the disease may not always be dominating the headlines, influenza confronts scientific researchers and policy experts with major challenges. In the 2016/17 season, for instance, influenza has put further strain on already besieged hospital services in many European countries, while the contagious H5N8 bird flu strain […]

ESWI Young Scientist Fund: call for applications

The Sixth ESWI Influenza Conference offers early career scientists a unique opportunity to present their latest work, and to meet and foster collaborations with the international influenza community in a three days high-level conference totally dedicated to influenza. If you are interested in attending the conference, you are welcome to apply for a travel and […]