People with diabetes still face a higher risk for influenza and its complications. National and international guidelines therefore advise that diabetes patients be annually vaccinated against influenza.
The attention for the impact of influenza on diabetes patients is, however, low and so is the vaccine uptake in this group.

In October 2017 leading diabetes organisations and ESWI joined forces to forge an active Influenza/Diabetes community, implementing an action plan to better protect diabetes patients against the flu. To keep the momentum going the community meets annually to investigate new opportunities for collaboration and to continue raising awareness about the impact of influenza infection on diabetes patients.

This website serves as a virtual reference centre on diabetes and influenza, containing web materials of ESWI’s partners in the Influenza/Diabetes community on diabetes and on the importance of flu vaccines.


“Optimal care for, and prevention of, respiratory virus infections in people living with diabetes.”


“To increase awareness, within the care community, of the burden of influenza, Covid-19 and RSV in people living with diabetes. To ensure access to care, and to ensure the translation of scientific data supporting clinical recommendations for effective protection from infection and disease, including non-pharmaceutical measures, vaccination and anti-viral treatment.”