Should health care workers be vaccinated?

Health care workers infected with influenza can transmit the highly contagious virus to patients in their care. This is particularly troubling for the many patients at high risk for influenza-related complications. In addition, infected healthcare workers have high risks of not being able to continue to care for their patients. Healthcare workers are therefore strongly […]

Vaccination of healthcare workers

Healtcare workers should be vaccinated against seasonal influenza annually. Although healthy adults do not belong to the at-risk population, there are good reasons for healthcare providers to get immunised against influenza, especially when they have regular contacts with patients and high-risk patients. First of all, an obvious rule of thumb is that healthcare workers should […]

Economic impact

Seasonal influenza places a heavy demand on healthcare resources and the economy each year, as a direct result of increased primary care consultations, hospitalizations, clinical complications and patient treatment. In addition to direct medical costs, the most significant cost of influenza to society is the indirect cost of lost productivity and absenteeism. In Europe, influenza […]

Social and societal impact

Besides the suffering of individual patients caused by seasonal influenza, which also has an impact on society as a whole, several other negative effects on society and its functioning may take place. Adults missing working days due to influenza represent a considerable proportion of the burden of influenza. In addition, children and elderly patients may […]