EU Flu Day 2023

The fourth edition of the EU Flu Day takes place on Wednesday 11 October at the European Parliament (Brussels) organised by the Steering Group on Influenza Vaccination.

Hosted by MEP István Ujhelyi, member of the EP Subcommittee on Public Health,  the  hybrid event will feature keynote presentations, a panel discussion and a Q&A session. 

As a member of the Steering Group (SG), ESWI Chair Prof. Colin Russell, together with MEP Dolors Monserrat Co-Chair of the Steering Group, will provide the closing remarks.

The theme for this year is how to empower healthcare professionals to promote vaccination and tackle vaccine hesitancy: Empowering Healthcare Professionals for Everyone’s Protection. Furthermore, the panel discussion will also explore how national and European policymakers can support doctors, nurses and pharmacists involved in vaccination. 

Every year, up to 70.000 Europeans die of causes associated with seasonal influenza and up to 50 million suffer from symptomatic infections.