Save the Date: June 21st 2022

The Respiratory Virus Summit, entitled Pandemic Preparedness: Where Science and Policy Meet, will take place in Brussels and online.

ESWI Airborne: Podcast series

Hosted by journalist, policy analyst and science communicator, Clare Taylor. On 28 March we are rolling out the first 3 podcasts.

Influenza Diabetes Community

To increase awareness, within the care community, of the burden of influenza, Covid-19 and RSV in people living with diabetes.


Recaps of the past ESWI conferences and webinars, Influenza movies, lectures, animated videos and ESWI streaming services.


THANK YOU to attendees, speakers, chairs and sponsors! You were fantastic! We shed light on lessons learnt from past pandemics & ongoing #COVID19, improving efforts to limit the health & socio-economic impact of future pandemics that will occur in our changing world #ESWI team ESWInfluenza photo
@gail_carson Thank you for your interest @gail_carson We will share shortly the set of recommendations on pandemic preparedness which have emerged from the #eswisummit
Will a #pandemic treaty compensate for the weakness of the International Health Regulation (IHR), or will there be another revision? A vision for the future. Prof. David Heymann @ChathamHouse #eswisummit ESWInfluenza photo
Major shift needed in vaccine science, policy, and economic evaluation to create a new sustainable vaccines ecosystem: new technologies and public sector investment. Dr. Rino Rappuoli @GSK #eswisummit #pandemic #preparedness
ESWInfluenza photo
@MoreauGabarain @mvankerkhove @WHO @colinrussell @debmackenzie1 #eswisummit is following the latest updates adopted by the Committee FPS Public Health in Belgium, including self testing and constant ventilation. Wearing a mask is not mandatory except in hospitals, medical practices and pharmacies.
Are we better prepared for next #pandemic? "YES, a streamlined & sustainable approach to conduct health threat assessments & intelligence gathering, promote R&D, address market challenges, ensure provision of medical countermeasures & strengthen #skills Wolfgang Philipp #ESWI ESWInfluenza photo
Challenges: Pathogen investigation, data sharing, collaboration, transparency or #OneHealth. Current techniques allow to identify the virus sequence, but for understanding the biological feature, it is lacking efficient technique to acquire the live virus. Zhengli Shi #eswisummit ESWInfluenza photo
#Pandemic #Preparedness is now. The global emergency is not over. We are not yet living with #COVID19 responsibility. 5 core components: coordination, community protection, clinical care, collaborative surveillance, and access to countermeasures @mvankerkhove @WHO
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Welcome from #eswisummit Chairs Prof. Ab Osterhaus, Prof. Colin Russell @colinrussell and science journalist Debora MacKenzie @debmackenzie1 How can we do better? #pandemic #preparedness
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Respiratory Virus Summit #eswisummit is going to start live 🎙️ from Brussels and online 💻! Join now the discussion on #pandemic #preparedness and submit your question ❓ for our #ESWI keynote lecturers, expert panellists and chairs ESWInfluenza photo
Fluzine: Respiratory Virus Summit is going to start. Join now! -
@MoreauGabarain @florian_krammer COVID19 self test control ahead of the meeting by all live attendees
Our members getting ready for tomorrow #eswisummit 👇🔽on #pandemic #preparedness & farewell 🫂for our dear Terho🇫🇮 #ESWI member since 2004 #flu #COVID19 #RSV ESWInfluenza photo