Managing the growing burden of respiratory infections in the EU

A viral trifecta is raising alarm bells in Europe. The coronavirus and the surge of respiratory infections strain health systems already pushed beyond their limits. What tools can help the health systems better cope during seasonal infections?

This POLITICO event will convene EU policymakers and healthcare experts to have a frank discussion about how Europe can better prevent and address the strain posed by the rise of respiratory infections.

  • What was the main driver of the respiratory disease tsunami and what’s the one thing (initiative/measure/tool) would most help clinicians during the respiratory virus season?
  • How can Europe accelerate efforts to boost vaccinations against respiratory illnesses to prevent the increasing burden in health care? How has the pandemic contributed to vaccines’ trust or mistrust?
  • What are the current challenges when it comes to differentiating between a respiratory infection due to COVID, influenza or RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)? What tools are currently available or in development? What difference could this make? What would most help clinicians and hospitals during seasonal infections?
  • What role can Europe play in fostering the uptake of fast and accurate diagnostic testing solutions to differentiate respiratory illnesses more efficiently?
  • How could tools driven by data, mined from sources such as the European Health Data Space, help with surveillance, modeling, and projections of respiratory virus cases – and what impact could this have? How will the cross-border threats to health regulation play out in upcoming respiratory virus seasons