WHO Webinar Series on Trust and Pandemic Preparedness. The shifting landscape of trust: history, leadership & communities

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted trust as an important determinant of successful pandemic response  and leadership; a prerequisite for the uptake of interventions and behaviour change  among communities; and a contributing factor in community resilience. WHO is hosting a series of webinars in which discussants are unpacking some of the dimensions of trust in the context of epidemics and pandemics.

The second webinar in the series examines historical trust infrastructures that build and maintain trust within communities such as culture, language, ethnicity, tradition, story-telling and, traditional forms of medicine. With this historical backdrop, discussants will explore how community trust infrastructures today can be supported in times of crisis.


  • Prof Sanjoy Battacharya, Professor of Medical and Global Health Histories, University of Leeds, UK
  • Honourable Ela Gandhi, Trustee, Gandhi Development Trust and Co-President of Religions for Peace, South Africa
  • Dr Gefra Fulane, Anthropologist, Coordinator, Research and Capacity Strengthening, Community Engagement and Accountability Unit, IFRC Geneva