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ESWI Respiratory Virus Summit 2024

Save the date: Tuesday 5 March 2024

RSV: Disease Impact and Innovation Strategies 


ESWI Respiratory Virus Summit 2024 will take place in Brussels and online on Tuesday 5 March 2024.

Building on the 2023 session held at the ESWI conference in Valencia, ESWI is set to host this one-day hybrid summit that concentrates on the healthcare and economic impact of RSV disease, along with the potential solutions expected in the near future.

The inspiration for this event remains pertinent, as we continue to witness an increase in RSV infections and remarkable progress in technology and vaccine development. As a result, ESWI firmly believes that maintaining a keen focus on RSV is of utmost importance and in particular on the Science-and-Policy Interface of RSV.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a common virus that affects all age groups with varying clinical effects. The virus is transmitted easily through coughing and sneezing with droplets containing the virus. RSV disease is a major burden in young children and older adults, causing hospitalisation and in acute cases, death. Prevention and treatment strategies could be available soon as multiple clinical trials are being held and are showing a high efficacy.


Peter Openshaw
Peter Openshaw
ESWI Board Member, Imperial College, The United Kingdom
Stefania Maggi
Stefania Maggi
ESWI Board member, National Research Council of Italy, Italy


Ab Osterhaus
Ab Osterhaus
ESWI Board Member, TiHO, Germany

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