WHO Information Network for Epidemics update on COVID-19

Latest information about circulation, impact and what is needed to prevent infections, severe disease, post-COVID-19 condition and deaths. 

COVID-19 remains a major public health concern. WHO experts will address what variants are circulating, their risk and impact, and what can be done to prevent and protect against infections, severe disease, post-COVID-19 condition and deaths. The experts will also address common concerns from the public.


  • Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Director (a.i.), Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention (EPP), WHO
  • Dr Janet Diaz, Unit Head, Clinical Management, WHO
  • Dr Lorenzo Subissi, Technical Officer, EPP, WHE, WHO (TBC)
  • Ms Vicky Houssiere, Technical Officer, Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE), WHE, WHO
  • Ms Shagun Khare, Communications Officer, WHE, WHO