The Path Towards Effective Respiratory Syncytial Virus Immunization Policies: Recommended Actions

The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) causes a substantial burden worldwide. After over six decades of research, there is finally a licensed immunization option that can protect the broad infant population, and other will follow soon. RSV immunization should be in place from season 2023/2024 onwards. Doing so requires thoughtful but swift steps. This paper reflects the view of four immunization experts on the efforts being made across the globe to accommodate the new immunization options and provides recommendations organized around five priorities: (I) documenting the burden of RSV in specific populations; (II) expanding RSV diagnostic capacity in clinical practice; (III) strengthening RSV surveillance; (IV) planning for the new preventive options; (V) achieving immunization targets. Overall, Spain has been a notable example of converting RSV prevention into a national desideratum and has pioneered the inclusion of RSV in some of the regional immunization calendars for infants facing their first RSV season.